Roxbury Booth isn’t just for photos… it’s also a GIF photo booth, perfect for adding an element of surprise to your wedding or event!

Since launching our Roxbury Booth, the thing that customers tell us time and time again is that they LOVE its GIF element!

GIFs are having a bit of a moment right now and we can’t say we’re super surprised. While Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook may have incorporated them into their apps, we’ve been miles ahead of the game. We like to think we made them cool first 😉

And what’s even better about Roxbury’s GIFs, is that not only are they cool, their quality is pretty awesome too. Because our booth really is the best in the business, our GIFs are of the highest quality, which guests are always praising. Long gone are the day of grainy, blurry gifs, thanks to Roxbury’s seriously stylish design.

All you need to do is compare our photos and GIFs to other booths on the market to see just how much better Roxbury photos are!

GIF Booth

Roxbury can shoot images and deliver prints, as well as working as a dedicated GIF Booth. Or, if you love the idea of having both GIFs and photos, we can deliver both.

GIF Booth

GIFs are super popular with people and from weddings to corporate events they really add a sense of fun. Plus, our stylish backdrops (hello sequins), really take things to the next level.

GIF Booth

Snap Roxbury up for your wedding or next event and enjoy on-trend GIFs and perfect prints. To check availability, get in touch here.


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