We loved Roxing Louise and Brian’s photo booth at Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa!

Roxbury Booth was born out of a desire to reinvent the photo booth market in Northern Ireland and Donegal. Offering an experience unlike any other, the booth’s unimposing structure promotes a sleek, slimline silhouette, making it the perfect addition to any party!

Quite simply, Roxbury Booth oozes sophistication. A genius design made in the USA, its low-key style instantly adds that wow factor to any event, and overseeing the operation of the booth are our Booth Butlers, donned in suitably stylish attire.

Armed with an array of eye-catching props, pick up your faves and smile for the camera. Or go propless for a photo against any of our beautiful sequin or printed backdrops.

Check out the gifs!

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Check out their slideshow of photos from Roxbury Booth!


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