Since launching Roxbury Booth over a year ago, party people have been loving our new take on the photo booth. We aim to create a luxury experience and the best looking images ever from a photo booth. A big part of this is our beautiful sequin photo booth backdrops and our LUXE in gold and silver have been huge hits!

We’re constantly on the look out for how we can improve our experience and knew when we set eyes on these mermaid backdrops that our Roxstar clients would love them!

Available in Carat, Rose and Vegas, the backdrops offer millions of options and opportunities to bring unique fun to your special occasion. Our seamless mermaid sequin backdrops feature double sided sequins to let your creativity run free.

You can easily create any message or image you wish on the backdrop with just the touch of your finger.

Roxbury is the first photo booth company in Ireland to offer mermaid backdrops, which is really exciting!

With our most popular package, Roxstar you can choose a LUXE backdrop or one of the new Mermaid backdrops. A mermaid backdrop can also be added to the Rox it Out package for just £29.


Reversible sequin colours are matte white and reflective gold sequins.

Photo Booth Derry 1

Photo Booth Derry 2

Photo Booth Derry 3

Photo Booth Derry 4

Photo Booth Derry 5

Photo Booth Derry 6


Reversible sequin colours are reflective rose gold and matte rose gold.

Photo Booth Derry 12

Photo Booth Derry 10

Photo Booth Derry 11
Photo Booth Derry 13

Photo Booth Derry 14


Reversible sequin colours are reflective black and reflective gold.

Photo Booth Derry 21

Photo Booth Derry 20
Photo Booth Derry 22

Photo Booth Derry 23

Photo Booth Derry 24

Photo Booth Derry 25

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