While Christmas might seem like ages away, the fact is that now is the perfect time to get booking! And that starts with the entertainment. Check out these reasons why you need to hire a Christmas party photo booth…

Best marketing tool

Whether it’s a small office affair or a corporation-wide event, easily add oodles of fun to your Christmas party, thanks to the power of an open-air photo booth.

Bah humbug!

Your staff have (hopefully) worked hard all year and the Christmas party is the perfect time to show your appreciation. It’s also a time for people to let their hair down a little and have some fun. Cue the power of a photo booth.

It’s an unexpected twist to the night and because guests won’t be expecting it they’ll appreciate it even more. Plus, you’ll earn mega brownie points for being the coolest boss ever!

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Silly season stress

Tim Burton is rumoured to favour setting his movies at Christmastime because it instantly adds an element of stress. While Christmas is typically an amazing time of year, it often comes with planning and stress. Whether it’s the pressure of pulling-off an amazing Christmas dinner, or meeting deadlines before the company closes for the holidays, stress-levels are at their highest during the festive period.

And believe it or not, a photo booth is an easy way to instantly reduce stress. Guests will forget their woes, pop on their favourite props and hog the camera. It’s the perfect way to start the holidays in style.


Brand it

Whether it’s a Christmas party for employees or a corporate event, you’d be silly not to take advantage of the branding opportunities. By hiring a professional photo booth, you’ll be given the chance¬†to promote your brand, both at the event and through the power of social media. From branded watermarks, to custom props and backdrops, guests will be adding, sharing, tagging and uploading their photos, which is instant exposure for your brand.


Spread Christmas cheer

If there’s one thing we know about a photo booth it’s the ability it has to really bring people together. And not only this, but it gets them out of their comfort zones too. People who work in different departments or on different floors are suddenly chatting. Before you know it they’re grabbing props and striking a pose. An easy way to break the ice, employees will get to know each other better, which makes for a happier work environment.

Best marketing tool

Make memories

As well as spreading Christmas cheer, attendees will be making memories in the process. And with a photo booth, they’ll have the perfect lasting keepsake, thanks to both a digital copy and high quality print.

What’s even more amazing than this is that all that happiness, nostalgia and cheer around the festive season was created by you and your company.

So this Christmas, book a professional photo booth for your party. Make it a night guests will never forget (for all the right reasons!).

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