One of the things that clients LOVE the most about Roxbury Booth is that you get your very own Booth Butler for the night. Your attendant is there to ensure a smooth running show, overseeing antics, setting up and taking down the booth and ensuring your photos are on point!

And so, we caught up with Vanessa Craig, who shares a little insight into what exactly a Booth Butler does!

Vanessa, what do you think it is about Roxbury that guests love?

I thinks it’s the whole package really! The Roxbury Booth has plenty of space for lots of guests to get a photo together, so you can pose with your whole squad! The props are great and make it really fun. But probably most importantly, the photo quality is amazing so you always look great in the pics!

As a Booth Butler, what is your role at the wedding or event?

My job is to have the booth set up and ready to go for when the bride and groom want it. Once it starts I’m there to make sure all the guests have a great time getting their photos taken, get them their props and even offer some ideas for poses if they’re camera shy (although most have no problems there)! And once they have their perfect photos taken, I get them a copy and also put one in the bride and groom’s album so that guests can write a message to them beside their picture. It’s such a lovely way for them to capture their guests enjoying themselves at their party!

Photo Booth Props

Which props are most popular and why?

The horses’ heads are a really random one but proved so popular at the last wedding I attended! The big glasses and hats are always a hit, and recently we got these great handheld signs with speech bubbles saying things like “Best wedding ever” and even more popular with the groomsmen, “I’m with stupid ➡️”. The great thing is that there’s loads of variety so guests can mix and match and have fun with it. Or, if props aren’t really your thing, just go in and strike a pose. The quality of the photos are so good that sometimes you don’t even need a prop.

How do guests usually react to their prints?

They love them! The lighting is brilliant so everyone looks perfect, even after a long day of celebrating! And the prints come personalised with the bride and groom’s names and wedding details so it’s a lovely keepsake from the big day!

What do you love the most about being a Booth Butler?

It’s so nice to be a part of a couple’s big day! Every wedding is different but they’re all so special and the guests make my job so much fun! It’s a party after all and guests of all ages just love having the craic at Roxbury Booth and I get to be with them!

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