They might traditionally be hot in the world of weddings, but with big brands such as Moet and Benefit favouring them for events, the photo booth is proving its rightful place in the corporate setting. Here, we reveal why a photo booth is the BEST marketing tool, which could make your event next level.

Best marketing tool

Get guests involved

Whether it’s a trade show, awards ceremony, product launch or party, a photo booth possesses the power to get guests involved and leave a lasting impression. Planning a large event can take weeks or months but often what gets neglected, is giving guests something to actually do. No doubt your guests are used to the usual small talk and networking that comes with an event, so why not offer them something unexpected in the form of a photo booth? An open air booth not only draws guests in, but it also acts as the perfect ice-breaker and gets people talking.

Best marketing tool

Capture data

An event of a large scale can mean it’s difficult to keep track of who actually attended. But, thankfully a photo booth can assist with lead generation. Email addresses can be collected manually. Or an option can be set meaning guests need to enter their email address before or after using the booth. That way, you get a great insight into who attended your event. Plus, you can send them a personal thank-you email for coming along. And remember to keep the email addresses handy for future events.

Best marketing tool

Go big on branding

To take your event to the next level, get your name all over it! Add your logo to prints, create a custom backdrop for your business or get clever with props. One thing’s for sure, guests won’t forget about you when the event’s over.

Best marketing tool

Get sharing on social media

Where photo booths have evolved in recent years is that they’re no longer solely about prints. In-line with trends in technology, our Roxbury Booth allows users to instantly upload their photos to a social media platform of their choice. This enables viral reach to maximise exposure for your event.

Plus, your online Facebook gallery, coupled with the social sharing station, offers the ability to generate thousands of impressions on social media. We even include a custom report detailing the impact of the social campaign and Roxbury Booth experience. This means you get a real insight into just how well the booth effected your event.

Post-event, with social media posts continuing to get interaction, the event will remain in people’s minds for much longer.

Best marketing tool

The power of print

And while we still love traditional photo booth prints, advances mean we’ve come a long way from the traditional black and white prints. With customisable templates and speedy print delivery, guests won’t have to awkwardly wait around for their print. Or, worse still – leave without it.

Would you like to take your event to the next level thanks to one of the best marketing tools? Get in touch to find out how our Roxbury Booth, Derry can help!


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