Our Roxbury photo booth props are on point!

The goal for us when selecting props is to choose props which are super fun and which will raise a smile for your guests. We have an extensive range of cool props perfect for any occasion.

From fun inflatables to silly hats and glasses and hilarious signs you’ll be ready to rox in style!

We can also create custom photo props for your event. Just let us know your theme and we’ll come up with some cool concepts.

Photo Booth Props_0101

Luke I am your father!Photo Booth Props_0102

Spectacular!Photo Booth Props_0103Photo Booth Props_0104

Ahoy!Photo Booth Props_0105Photo Booth Props_0106

Thumbs up for Roxbury!Photo Booth Props_0107

Chewy!Photo Booth Props_0108

For the Tinder fans!Photo Booth Props_0109Photo Booth Props_0110Photo Booth Props_0111Photo Booth Props_0112Photo Booth Props_0113

Hats off!Photo Booth Props_0114

Work in the photo booth!
Photo Booth Props_0115Photo Booth Props_0116Photo Booth Props_0117

Cocktail time!Photo Booth Props_0118

Rox Royalty!Photo Booth Props_0119Photo Booth Props_0120

Money, Money, Money!Photo Booth Props_0121

Minion style!Photo Booth Props_0122Photo Booth Props_0123

Beer googles!Photo Booth Props_0124Photo Booth Props_0125

Who ya lookin’ at punk!Photo Booth Props_0126Photo Booth Props_0127Photo Booth Props_0128

Unicorn!Photo Booth Props_0129

Make sure you’re the one holding this!Photo Booth Props_0130Photo Booth Props_0131

Viking style!Photo Booth Props_0132Photo Booth Props_0133

I’m Batman!Photo Booth Props_0134Photo Booth Props_0135Photo Booth Props_0136

We have lots of cool headbands!Photo Booth Props_0137Photo Booth Props_0138

Super!Photo Booth Props_0139Photo Booth Props_0140

For all the big deals out there!Photo Booth Props_0141Photo Booth Props_0142Photo Booth Props_0143

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