Whether you’re hiring a photo booth or there’s one at an event you’re attending, no doubt you’ll want to look like you know what you’re doing. And now you can easily get your vogue on thanks to our tried and tested top tips to take perfect photo booth photos, every time!


perfect photo booth photos

Think outside the box

At Roxbury Booth, we’ve seen it all and if you want to keep things classic, that’s okay. But if you dare to do things differently, take your photo booth posing to the next level and think outside the box (literally). Roxbury is an open air booth with no boundaries so with tons of space to work with, you can come up with some killer posers. From reenacting famous dance moves, to popular movie scenes, there’s serious potential to impress the crowd.

perfect photo booth photos

Keep it clean

If you really want to keep things cool, sometimes you don’t need to do a thing. Pop on a pair of dark shades and pose it out with some famous 90’s supermodel moves. Create some of your fave Instagram selfie poses and remain ever-so-stylish at all times.

perfect photo booth photos

Go solo

Fancy doing it alone? No problem. Sometimes all you need to do is grab your drink and strike a pose for perfect photo booth photos every time.

perfect photo booth photos

Get creative with props

Let’s face it, photo booths are really all about the props and the options are endless when it comes to getting your props on. At Roxbury Booth, we’re always adding to our innovative and exciting array of props, keeping things trendy and always stylish. There’s the usual selection of classic hats and wings, while we’ve kept things interesting with themed masks and the ever-popular props on sticks. Plus, if you have a theme in mind, you can always create your own!

perfect photo booth photos

Choose a classy backdrop

The backdrop of your photo definitely matters so keep things classy. Don’t choose anything too fussy with loads of colours or prints, which will only serve as a distraction in your photo. Instead, stay classy, with the addition of a sparkly gold or silver backdrop, which is always a winner.

perfect photo booth photos

Go black and white

For truly cool photos, choose a print in classic black and white. Simplicity is key when it comes to a cool portrait so opt for a plain backdrop and the subjects of the photos will effortlessly stand out.

perfect photo booth photos

Know your lighting

The secret to taking a good photo anywhere is all about finding your lighting. When the lighting is good, it’s easy to look flawless in your photos. The advantage of an open air photo booth is that the booth will be set up in a way that’s all about the lighting. Now all that’s left to do is work it!

perfect photo booth photos

If all else fails…

Smile it out! Sometimes the coolest photos are when we look truly happy. So grab some friends and mark the occasion with some smiley shots.

perfect photo booth photos

Choose the BEST photo booth company

For perfect photo booth photos, make it easy by choosing a reputable photo booth company. Our Roxbury Photo Booth comes with your very own Booth Butler who will oversee proceedings to ensure your photos are flawless every time!

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