Months and month of prep can go into planning the perfect party so how do you ensure it isn’t a flop?! If you’re feeling the pressure to ensure guests leave your event with a lasting impression, don’t panic! Throwing a fun-filled affair has never been easier, thanks to our top tips to make your party ROX!


Plan it to perfection

Before you delve into sorting the finer details, it’s a good idea to look at the entire picture to determine your party’s vibes. Think about the atmosphere of your event and ideally how you envision it. Is it a cocktail evening, a casual party or a corporate event? Having a clear picture in your mind of what exactly you want for your event will ensure all the other details fall perfectly into place.

Venue goals

A winning atmosphere is all about finding that perfect venue. Think whether a hotel, bar, club or restaurant is most suited to your type of event. It’s okay to get a little critical to make sure your venue matches your goals. Consider how many people will be there and spacing. And don’t be afraid to get a little creative. Sometimes an interesting venue is all that’s needed to really create a lasting impression! Look for museums, boats or even gardens to offer an unexpected twist to your party.


Know your audience

When it comes to your guest list, think about how they’ll mingle. Inviting a range of guests with different personalities and backgrounds will keep things interesting. If it’s a formal, sit down meal, such as a wedding, sitting like-minded people, with similar personalities together, is a great idea. A fab top tip to keep conversation flowing is to seat each guest between someone they know and someone they should know. Friendships will easily form and you can take credit for it!

Music matters

Whatever the event, quite simply, it wouldn’t be the same without music so consider your playlist carefully. Live music will definitely get guests on their feet, but if you’re doing it yourself, give your playlist some thought. If several generations will be present, play a wide variety of music that appeals to all tastes. The classics will always be a firm favourite with everyone so keep things light, upbeat and far from obscure.

Keep things interesting

If you really want to impress your guests, keep things interesting with unexpected twists. There’s nothing like a #throwback to get guests talking so pick an era and get nostalgic. Or, add some fun to formal by serving pizza, fish and chips or other unpredicted delights, which always go down a treat. Straying from the norm is a sure way to instantly add the fun factor to your party.

Photo booth Derry

Get ready to Rox with a photo booth

And obviously, it wouldn’t be a party without a photo booth! Whether it’s a corporate event, party or wedding reception, our Roxbury Booth has had a taste of them all. While every event is different, what they all have in common is that our open air booth gets everyone involved! From grandparents to camera shy teens, a photo booth effortlessly brings groups together and the fun just naturally unfolds. Not only will you instantly lighten the atmosphere, you’ll be giving guests a lasting reminder of just how fun your event was.

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