Here at Roxbury Booth, we don’t do things by halves. Due to popular demand for our modern, one-of-a-kind booth, we have added a second photo booth to our collection, which means there’s even more Roxbury to go around. So whether you are getting married or are organising a corporate event, here’s why hiring two photo booths is better than one!

No queues

With demand for our Roxbury Booth always proving high, by hiring our two photo booths, guests can get straight in on the action, without having to hang about in lengthy queues. Having two booths means the entertainment flows all night long, giving guests multiple trips to our booths.

Add the WOW factor

Whether they’re taking centre stage at a wedding or corporate event, there’s no denying that having two booths really has impact. We can set these up side by side or at different locations in your venue. The choice is yours.

Have fun with it

With two photo booths, you can really get creative. Have a #vogue off! Set up a competition, allowing guests 30 seconds each to strike the best pose in each of our booths. When the photos are printed choose the best and the winner goes through to the next round, competing until you have an overall winner.

Show off your branding

Hiring our two photo booths for your corporate event allows you to show off various sides to your business. Whether that’s showcasing two products or brands, thanks to our corporate package, you can personalise and add branding to your photos. Or, if it’s for a wedding, get your guests to choose whether they’re #teambride or #teamgroom. Plus, you can opt for the same or different backdrops, as you wish.

Twice as much fun

With two booths in action, unsurprisingly you’ll have twice as many photos and gifs at your disposal. If you hire our booths for your wedding, that means tons of photos to go through the next day, and hours of time spent reminiscing about how much fun everyone had. Or, if it’s at an event, thanks to our easy social media sharing capacity, that’s twice as much exposure online for your business.

To enquire about hiring one or both of our Roxbury Booths for your wedding or event, get in touch here.


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