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2018 has been a busy year for Roxbury! While we’ve been out and about, bringing our one-of-a-kind booth to weddings, parties and corporate events across Ireland, we’ve been busy updating our blog with some killer advice, to ensure you get the most out of your photo booth experience. And while we’ve enjoyed doing it, we’re pleased that you’ve loved reading it!

So with this in mind, we thought we’d collate your favourite top 10 blog posts of 2018 into one handy blog post. So whether you’re considering hiring a photo booth for your wedding or event, or you’ve already booked one and want to make sure you get the most out of it, here are the posts worth checking out.

Ultimate wedding reception checklist

Don’t miss a trick at your wedding reception, thanks to our list of essentials for a killer wedding reception. Add them all or choose your faves for a wedding with a difference.

Check it out here.

Top 10 Etsy photo booth props

Hiring a photo booth for your wedding day? Kick things up a notch with a killer collection of props. Here, we countdown the top 10 Etsy photo booth props, perfect for taking your reception to the next level.

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Introducing mermaid photo booth backdrops

Since launching Roxbury Booth over a year ago, party people have been loving our new take on the photo booth. We aim to create a luxury experience and the best looking images ever from a photo booth. A big part of this is our beautiful sequin photo booth backdrops and our luxe range in gold and silver have been huge hits.

Fit out more here.

How to take perfect photo booth photos every time

Whether you’re hiring a photo booth or there’s one at an event you’re attending, no doubt you’ll want to look like you know what you’re doing. And now you can easily get your vogue on thanks to our tried and tested top tips to take perfect photo booth photos, every time.

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Why a photo booth is the best marketing tool ever

They might traditionally be hot in the world of wedding, but with big brands such as Moet and Benefit favouring them for events, the photo booth is proving its rightful place in the corporate setting. Here, we reveal why a photo booth is the best marketing too, which could make your event next level.

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10 things you need to know before renting a photo booth

A photo booth provides the entertainment factor to any wedding or event. But before you sign on the dotted line, there’s a few things you need to know to ensure you get the best in the business. Considering renting a photo booth? Check out these 10 things you need to know first.

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99 photo booth poses

We’re excited to share our new film: ’99 photo booth poses’. If you or your guests need inspiration on how to Rox the Roxbury Booth, share this video with them.

Watch our video here.

Fun ways to use photo booth prints

One of the amazing things about Roxbury Booth is that we don’t skip on quality. Our prints are of the highest standard and we believe – the best in the business. The morning after the night before, when you open up your handbag and spot your amazing prints inside, no doubt you’ll be keen to show them off to the world.

So, to help you find the perfect way to display your Roxbury photo booth prints, we’ve delved deep into the internet to give you some pretty amazing inspiration. Here’s just a few of the ways you can showcase your Roxbury prints…

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Introducing selfiepod

We’re excited to introduce a new concept for weddings and events in Ireland. SelfiePod is interactive and makes fun GIFs, Boomerangs, videos and digital photos. It’s really easy to set-up, runs itself and is perfect for events when prints or a Booth Butler isn’t needed.

Find out more here.

Maximising your sequin mermaid backdrop

There’s no denying that our selection of backdrops are some of the best in the business. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, party or celebration, we offer a wide range of backdrops to really enhance your photo booth experience. One type of backdrop which is favoured time and time again is our sequin mermaid offering, which isn’t really surprising given that they look killer in photos. Sparkly, sassy and spectacular, these elegant backdrops will really make your photos pop.

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