We might be biased but we’re here to prove that open air photo booths will always be better. Here’s the scope…

When you think about photo booths, no doubt you’re instantly filled with nostalgia. Maybe you’ve been transported back to your teenage years with your childhood sweetheart, grabbing those prints from the booth and sticking them on your wall to swoon over. Or you’re remembering spilling into one with a group of friends at an arcade on a Saturday afternoon. But while many of us have happy memories of cramming into that boxy booth, the fact of the matter is that they lack a certain sense of style and their structure just doesn’t cry out sophistication at your wedding or event.

With an emphasis today on getting that perfect ‘Instagram-worthy’ photo, here’s why open air booths are a dream…


1. The more the merrier

Open air photo booth

Things are more fun with a crowd and the potential for laughter with an open air photo booth is endless! Whether it’s for your wedding reception or corporate event, where the emphasis is on getting everyone involved, you won’t be limited by a boxy booth. Our booth’s open-air structure means you are free to get everyone in on the action. So you can effortlessly show off your #squadgoals without risking anyone feeling left out.

2. Top notch photo quality

Open air photo booth

The not-so-secret thing about open air photo booths is that they have amazing lighting! With a set up to mimic a professional photo shoot, unleash your inner top model potential, with lighting that loves you. The result is picture perfect photos worthy of framing in your home!

3. Photobombers delight

Open air photo booth

Imagine trying to photobomb in a closed booth… it just wouldn’t happen (and definitely wouldn’t be as much fun). With the ability to watch what’s happening, you can view from the sidelines and jump in if you dare! Photobombing will always be in style.

4. Stylish set-up

Open air photo booth

An open-air photo booth actually adds an extra dimension to your event. Its sleek design is always inviting and will instantly intrigue guests’ curiosity. Our professional lighting and camera are modern in their appearance, keeping things sleek and complementing your decor, rather than competing with it. Plus, set up and tear down is a breeze, so you’ll hardly even notice we’re there.

5. Get creative

Open air photo booth

Choose your backdrop depending on your event’s theme and ensure your open air booth flawlessly fits in. Our stunning sequin backdrops are always a winner, and a perfect way to add pizzazz to your wedding or event. Oh, and let’s talk about props, which are the most important part of any photo booth gathering! Because our open air feature means you can stand, rather than sit, there’s loads of space to fill with everything from masks to wigs, helmets and hats. Plus, you can even put your own unique stamp on your event with customised props.

So now that we’ve given you five fab reasons to (quite literally) think outside of the box, when it comes to choosing a photo booth for your next event, remember why open air will always be better! Get in touch to check Roxbury’s availability here.


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